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Few things I live by....I am either Passionate or Passive, Change & Growth is something I strive for, I breathe excitement into most of my moments, Learner for life, Strong believer of self & a vivid storyteller of all....

Why fit in when we were born to stand out - Dr.Suess

This quote gets played at least once a day inside my head. My thoughts, beliefs & actions have always seemed curious to many & still is at large. But fearlessly following these thoughts have made me understand myself better & hopefully will help me to create the best version of me. 

A strong sense of self has been my natural & constant source of guidance.If I don't accept myself will be incapable of making healthy decisions for life (personal or professional)

Research of knowing me better physically emotionally psychologically heads to a lot of interesting learning experiences about our Mind, Body & Soul. 

By blogging, I am sharing ways I have explored to create a better version of ourselves.Because It's you who determines your quality of life, your quality of relationships & your capacity to succeed.

I don't have answers for all...But on a journey to find ...

Join me on this journey of finding your true self & hence creating your better self!

Welcome to JUSTBESTYOU - Journey of making Smarter Stronger & Happier version of you !!!

Meditation by the Sea


In my journey towards rewiring my emotions that I had lost control over, I learnt how much yoga is beneficial for mind and body. I decided to learn yoga from someone with the right mindset. I heard from friends about Kadambari and how passionate she is about yoga. I contacted her only to realise how deep her interests are in Indian culture and roots that makes the country unique. Kadambari designed a yoga course per my needs and guided me to achieve my goals(work in progress). She encourages self practice and goes an extra mile to ensure you practice it right. Ask her how :) She talks about where each asana can get you physically and mentally. I bet you can never have a dull day after listening to morning motivational words by Kadambari.

- Mridula Shekhar


Work Experience


Lifestyle Blogger 

2011- 2017

For about 5+ years, my professional life revolved around the action of "Sales" & "Target".
I worked with brands like, Ibibo, Paytm & RadioMirchi selling their corporate recruitment solutions-payment gateways -marketplace solutions & ad Space.
Everybody is a salesperson & "Knowing how to Sell" is life-skill. I believe learning from these brands will come a long way.... 

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Meditation by the Sea