To my Audience ....

Hey all, Its bright shiny cold morning here ...

Its first post from me I thought it would be nice to establish for whom I m writing to..??

Well, I have been a rebel always & Most challenging person in the room ...

For me " Self-care " is a priority & We all know life isn't simple to give you enough space or time to Self-care for most of us.

Take my case, I have been married for 6 + years to my best friend & had a career for about 5+ Years in Sales after my MBA

With some great years & Not so good times in it ....I have had my rough patches ( A complete imbalance of work & life )

Could you believe ....Once I resigned my job to initiate a weight loss regime -

The job was making me feel heavy in every way possible due to its sedentary nature & pressure of the job was too much that I couldn't find time to balance between fitness & work

I didn't like the person I was becoming.

I was self-sacrificing myself & my family happy for a 9-5 Job in the hope of becoming a corporate leader someday.

Finally, I pushed myself to resign regain myself mentally & physically in every way possible

Did I regain anything of that sort?

Well, This is what I did.

Bought some active wear, of course, joined a gym & curbed my rice & sugar intake ( I guess most of your weight loss regime comprises of the same except that resignation part ?? ..I know I always overreact )😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

It took few weeks to feel the weight drop & started liking the person I see in the mirror

Once that said & done, I went back to work with some reduced KGS of me ...

With Six months into my profession routine again ..with. more work less me .... with more food less exercise ..with more crankiness .. with more feel of drag ... with more agitation than ever

I was back to square one after 18 months into my new job

Started my second innings with weight loss regimen ...

That really started me to reason out ...

Will it never end?

What was wrong?

Why can't I heal once for all? Find a balanced life ...

I definitely cant be a Kareena Kapoor r Sonam Kapoor to appoint personal trainer /Set of trainers to keep track of my balance while I excel in my chosen profession...😃😃


Is it uncommon to have both fulfilling careers & maintain healthily you

Zillions of ????????????

That's when it all started (My learning experiment ) to understand the real problem or find a realistic solution

That's when I made SELFCARE as a priority & Not when something goes out of balance ...

SELFCARE without knowing SELF, Is a BODY without its SOUL is all I learned

henceforth I began the journey of knowing self / Knowing me better physically, mentally & psychologically

Without knowing the inner u .It would all be repeated diet plans / repeated weight loss regimes with little to no effect in your life

which might take all your effort & time but heal next to nothing

I know there are several aspiring women who could find some connection with my past ...

Through my writing I will be sharing every bit of my knowledge gained, Experiments made ( For now with me & my husband ?? ), practical diets followed, stress-free fitness routine, Inspiration earned bring out the best version of you


keep me posted on how many times you have started a new weight loss regimes until date.

Cheers to


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