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Here I come up today with an exciting word "HYGGE" pronounced (Hoo- Gah).

Its a Danish word which means feeling cozy, charming & special ( Danes -people of Denmark are termed some of the most healthy & happy living- beings In-spite of their extreme cold climates & stretches of dark winter months )

Being an Indian & specifically South Indian - I don't know to live without sun/summers 😆😆😆

Sun predominately motivates/energies- makes you start your day / move through the day / end your day ..Makes you feel complete

Then how the Danes ( people of Denmark ) are known for their Health & Happiness ????

& Interestingly they all seem to practice HYGGE lifestyle in their own ways .

Since then I tried & added some of HYGGE lifestyle to my routines .....

Well, HYGGE ( Hoo-Gah ) its all about feeling special & charming without external factors influence ...

Biologically speaking " Helping us produce more happy hormones "

In simple . Its all about feeling special on an average day & not just on a SALARY DAY ... 😆😆😆😆

  • It can be a simple act as enjoying the warm cooked meal with your family but adding HYGGE (Hoo-gah) attitude is to enjoy that meal on the dining table by sharing your day & definitely not on the couch with BIG BOSS episodes ....😋

  • It can be simple act of eliminating yourself from outside world ... to start with just 30 Minutes - an hour depending on your daily schedule

No Media

No Internet

No Cellphone

No Work

Nothing..........Total minutes to disconnect & connect with yourself

I bet you will slowly start to understand its beauty, purpose & need for this....


I made a list of new action items to be completed :

My Craft experiment sample
  1. Learn to sew from my grandmother/mother-in-law ( Next time when I visit them)

  2. Read every book I own ( Done )

  3. Take a Self Defense class ( To be done )

  4. Take a trip alone - it can be as small as half a day ( Done )

  5. Eat alone in a restaurant ( Done)

  6. Cook at home for straight 7 days !!! Can u believe I have never done ( 4 more days to go )

  7. Going Caffeine free for a week ( To be done, feels like pushing mountains after 2 days 😜😜)

  8. Playing with colors & craft again ( In progress) Abv Image : my craft experiment :)

  9. Hair coloring (Done- overcame t fear of losing hair to coloring .. Still losing but fear is conquered 😉 )

  10. A simple Tatoo like Priyanka Chopra's 😉😉 ( To be done )

  11. Learning new words & using the same in daily communication as & when possible ( In progress)

  12. Writing more ( In progress )

There is NO Hurry of deadlines I am talking here .. try & do simple activities which you would want to do & but never have done

which in turn can make you feel special/ comforting ... & also helps your mind & body relax better

Busy folks /Working women can - ADD HYGGE LIFESTYLE to your weekends --

  • It can be as simple as - TO STAY IN BED as long as you like with your coffee/books/family...( without a time check )

  • A family time spent well in the kitchen with active participation from your husband & kids .

  • Cooking only with Seasonal vegetables /fruits thereby getting nourished & imparting your kids about seasonal foods

I see we’re often hurrying to the next thing — physically and mentally — rather than slowing down to enjoy this moment.

Start adding few moments of HYGGE LIFESTYLE for a healthier you in your own way

Finally, a way to feel simply special without noises of iphones or glitters of Diamond sets 😍😍...

Cheers to


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