Yay!!!! In Practice of happiness

So what did we practice today?

Practice is to regularly do an activity to become best at it. sometimes we consciously do it like practicing for a sales call/practicing to score better or unconsciously like your everyday cooking hoping it gets better 😈

I have noticed my mom regularly solving SUDOKU puzzles, unconsciously she is practicing & thus becoming better at it.

So..many..many...practices are done daily ...

Yet we forget to practice the most important & much-needed skill of all ......

"PRACTICING HAPPINESS"- I am confident most of us don't even know that we could practice happiness like any other skill.

Fortunately, we all could.🙋

Knowing our body functions amazes me,

Let me introduce to you RAS (RETICULAR ACTIVATING SYSTEM) - Part of our brain which follows your focus, your beliefs, your interests & creates experiences based on the same

How it works now?

  • Buy a new car, suddenly you will start seeing more of the same car on road.It's not like everyone went & purchased the same car but it's your RAS in function 😎😎

One more .....my fav💓💓

  • you should have seen advertisements follow you like crazy on the internet when you search for a specific interest of yours ...Type fitness on google today ..for next few days they haunt you with fitness articles, fitness magazine adds, fitness books, fitness equipment, fitness updates ...& it never stops....

That's how advertisers/marketing gurus take advantage of your RAS .

Kool rite 😎😎

Its high time we make use of our RAS to practice some happiness !!!

- Start by listing activities in your daily life which makes u feel happy & which don't.

- Add more of happiness leading activities to your day it can be running, reading, watching ur fav sitcom episode, listening to your fav tunes, dancing with ur hubby , gardening, tea time with friends/neighbors, cinema gossip reads, long hot bath after your work., walk in the woods, playing with ur cat/dog....absolutely anything ..Just like adding toppings to make your fav pizza 😍😍

- We cant eliminate all but slowly start outsourcing few activities that don't lead to your happiness ...I tend to unconsciously outsource folding/Ironing clothes to Kaarthic Now I have started consciously doing the same ....in order to practice happiness...I am sure he has his own list to outsource ...😜😜

By doing more & more activities that give rise to your happiness you are paying attention to being happy.Your RAS tracks your interest & sends in experiences/images reflecting the same ... Now that's real bliss💓💓


It's was our first trip to the United States, We were about to pick up a connecting flight from London to Seattle & everything should have been smooth but after reaching London airport it was moments of utter chaos ..Technical fiasco with British Airways made them to completely cancel every single flight of theirs for a day (That's roughly 150 flights )... Imagine tens of thousands getting stuck at London airport with no place to go & with no one to guide about whats next ........chaos was an understatement ...

Even in this calamity ...we didn't miss any selfie/video moments 😍

Check this out ...we haven't bathed in 30+ hours, we were taking sleep in turns to guard luggage ..literally sleeping on the airport floor ...moreover, our baggage was denied ..we were informed it will be returned but when & where ???... No one could possibly know

& Yet my post say YAY !!! V r part of global outage .........😎😎😎😎😎

Now I know that's really RAS part of my brain working ( Also glad to know some part of my brain actually working lol )...

It is practiced enough to see joy out of every disaster we face 💓💓

Don't pursue/chase your happiness ... practice it daily like any other skill ... you will be a master of it soon enough.Then you can control it & not let the chaotic situations of life control you....



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