Who's your BOSS ? (Mg)

This post is dedicated to my sis who has always presented herself with LONG ,HEALTHY & LUSTROUS Hair ...we both are genetically gifted with Lustrous Hair locks & so are many..

Recent conversation with her made me realize that people who once enjoyed their genetics of healthy hair now faces greater challenge of maintaining it....

"U know how thick my hair WAS"....Is a common depressing statement from many today (MEN/WOMEN) ...

Again reasons are many & so are the solutions .....

But I am here to discuss about one particular issue that has been ignored/overlooked by many groups of people ..

In general your hair needs a variety of Minerals to be healthy & THE BOSS of all is MAGNESIUM (Mg)

Introducing Mg :

Magnesium WAS one the most abundant mineral on earth & So in body ..

Unfortunately today It isn't ...

How ?

SOIL DEPLETION -- MINERAL NUTRIENT DEPLETION is a common practice today - Modern Agricultural techniques ,Industrial development & Necessity to feed growing human population has resulted in the same ..

Researchers confirm 1960/70's vegetables/Fruits had more Minerals/Nutrients than the vegetables harvested today ...

There has been alarming decrease of minerals in soil & so in your vegetables .....

This study answers one more frequent question of my mom-in-law --- " Y my mother is healthier than me in-spite of us following same eating practices ".

ANSWER : Vegetables/fruits consumed by our grand mothers were nourished with balanced minerals/vitamins/Iron than the vegetables consumed by us today ..

We cannot solve today's problems with yesterdays practices ..

Receiving sufficient Minerals from soil through plants is a huge challenge for today's generation

& Magnesium is one such Important Mineral which is depleted due to today's soil conditions ....

why mg for HAIR:

  1. Do we have enough Magnesium to manage your calcium & proteins???

  2. Why No one tells all the calcium we take goes to waste without enough Magnesium???

  3. Hair is made of protein - Do u know its magnesium which ensures healthy protein synthesis that hair requires ??

Magnesium Deficiency makes your Calcium Intake " Go Crazy" ( Less & Less absorption of calcium by bones yielding in More & More deposits of calcium on Soft tissues )

One such soft tissue is your Scalp - More calcium deposits forms clogged hair follicles resulting in dry & flaky white scales promoting Hair Loss/Balding

Magnesium enriched diet manages calcium & prevents unnecessary calcium clogging on your scalp resulting in improved blood circulation for other nutrients from your diet to reach your scalp


Go Organic with FOOD & YOGA - for Healthy Hair Follicles:

Soil Depleted with minerals results in lesser Nutrients from vegetables your plate holds so GO organic depending on your BUDGET

Soaked ALMONDS - (1/8 Cup) - 80 milligrams of Magnesium

* Cashews /Peanuts most of the nuts are rich in Mg

Nuts are hard to digest , Soaking helps to peel the outer layer which might hinder in the nutrient absorption .

RAW/BOILED SPINACH (1/2 Cup) - 80 milligrams of Magnesium

* Raw spinach added in your daily green smoothie gives a overall metabolic boost

* Spinach can be added to all your Egg Recipes- Omelet,Scrabble ,Egg sandwiches etc

* Palak Dal /Sambar serves cooked form of Spinach/Magnesium Intake ..( Take at-least 3 servings/week)

HANDFUL OF SPINACH/PEELED ALMONDS DAILY is a must to counter interact the calcium/Protein Intake


Specific yogic poses improves blood circulation to your scalp hence nourishing your hair follicles & feeding it straight with the nutrients derived from your above diet

Learn & Practice those poses to heal your Hair follicles .. ....

My Personal Favorites are below ;

DOWNWARD FACING DOG POSE ( Stay for 1-3 Minutes ) Repeat- 5-10 Times

FISH POSE - Repeat 3 times ( Posted below simplified version .. I m just a beginner u c ..lol )

Performing these yogic poses make you feel the blood rush to your skull/scalp thus nourishing your hair follicles ..& .U will love it ..



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