2018 ! Your Power Timeline...

With all said & done in 2017 ........

" LET's MARCH into 2018 with a BRAVE SPIRIT & OPEN MIND "

What's your TIMELINE ..?

Its just like our Facebook timeline but instead of Facebook, its the TIMELINE of your LIFE

My TIMELINE (1987------- X )

I believe understanding & embracing TIMELINE of your LIFE has lot to do with finding your greater purpose in this life / Face life decisions in a smarter way possible..

So, what is going to make your future engaging enough..?

Well, Driving force of my 2018 are below !!!


“You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making.” ― Stephen Richards

I have begun my journey to create Happy Mind ,Healthy Body & a Brave Spirit.

This Blog (JustBestYou) is a Digital version of the same...

2. WOW !! " What a time to be a WOMEN " -

Being a Women in this TIME is like breathing air of Empowerment & Inspiration for me ..

It's that little feeling you get as a WOMEN when you watch Dangal Movie & read more about Mahavir Singh Phogat /Phogat Sisters ..SALUTE !!

Yes "Behind every successful man is a women", but today I see many Fathers/in-laws & husbands supporting women growth & standing proud behind their success...

By Sheryl Sanderg - COO FACEBOOK

Today many women enjoy "Freedom of Choice" at almost every stage of their life ...Now that's a REAL POWER to all women out there ........Go Embrace it !


"Today NETWORKING is a 360 Degree process" - FORBES..

  • We advance in our careers, search new opportunities ,develop new skills , reach potential influencers/ Decision makers via LinkedIn.

  • We share information,resources & communicate with family, friends via Facebook.

  • We post & interact with tweets via Twitter.

  • We have Instagram for entertaining & enlightening videos & pictures

Online & offline we all network ...

" Blogging has given me wings to reach you all " & thanks to these guys below.

We humans crave for connection & today's NETWORKS has a big role to play in it....

So, what's going to drive you into 2018...?

What kind of force/Power will you be using to face 2018...?

Find it, share it below & Use it to create Best you !



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