Happy Hair ...Happy Life ! A Savior from Superfoods

Hair " Visible Representation of Health & Youth"

Previous post under strong category "Who's you Boss ( Mg)" received overwhelming response ,Glad it was useful but made me sense ever growing problem of hair loss irrespective of age,gender or money & time spent on hair care ......

Going forward under "Happy Hair..Happy Life" ..I will be sharing hair science essentials that might help your Hair Heal

Shockingly ,No amount of shampoo,conditioner or serum could give you Healthy Hair instead try giving Nutritious Diet a chance to help your hair

When it comes to HEALTH - " Go Explore all by Yourself "- Every body is different & reacts in an unique way ---- Their is NO single cause/NO single solution to any health problem we face today

GREEN SMOOTHIES are one such personal exploration which made me healthy & happy.

Smoothies of all colors are adored but Green ones are willfully ignored.Unfortunately, we cannot afford to ignore green foods/drinks especially in-midst of fighting hair problems

Break your Fast ( Breakfast ) with Cucumber/Spinach/Apple/Ginger Green smoothie

How Often:

3 times a week for about 3-6 months

Preparation Time:

2 minutes

Use Orgainc Veggies/Fruits because peels has unique anti-oxidants & you dont want to miss them all.

How to make this super-food -SAVIOR OF your HEALTH,HAIR & TIME


Happy Hair Happy Life

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