How ? - Search/Question of the year,Inspired by Google.

Of all the question words in English -- Who, Where, When, Why, What, Which, How ?

Question of the Year goes to ' How ?"

Did you Know ?

"How to "are the most compelling Article headlines of 2017

"How to" posts are the most shared web contents

"How to" videos has the highest views

"How to " is the highly googled question type of 2017..

So, how many "How to" videos did you view today or Whats the recent "How to" you searched for?

Well,we all know "How to" didn't just pop up today,It was with us all along &

I would like to thank for the resourcefulness of these two guys in helping face my How to's :)

  1. Offline Resource: "For Dummies" - you pick a topic & we might find a "For Dummies" to your rescue...Visit them @

2. Online Resource: Wikihow - How to do Anything

Its not just "How"

I see "Questioning" as Health Check of our Life's

Stop & Try questioning yourself..

  • Why I am happy/Sad?

  • Are we having Quality relationship with Family/Friends?

  • How passionate are we at work/career?

  • Are we judging others often/Do we listen with an open mind?

  • Do we eat right for our body type?

  • Do you Inspire/encourage others to follow their hearts/dreams?

  • what are our Eco- friendly practices to help future generations?

  • Are we Investing wise for a secured future?

  • Do we embrace change/challenge for better?

You should Never Stop Questioning if you want to be a better person than you were yesterday....

Curiosity is a necessary trait for creating best you ..

This post is Inspired from Google (2017) year of search campaign ..

Google has come up again with its best Inspiring & Emotional (teary eyed ) Ad of 2017 ..


To your Questions?

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