Be a Warrior

Merry Christmas & a happy new year to all .....

We had exciting magical moments with snow & could never let it go..... :)

The phrase " Let it go " made me think about becoming a warrior & here I am to show what it takes to be a warrior in our own journey ....

We all fight our own battles day-in & day-out .

Every thought , Every Choice , Every move we make is a battle & today we are at war with self more than ever ..

But fortunately we can learn to be at war & be at peace at the same time

The 3 Yogi Warrior poses/Virabhadrasana can help us face our battle like a warrior while keeping the peace ..

Yogi Warrior poses/Virabhadrasana gives you ...

STRENGTH ( Stillness of Body & Mind )

PEACE ( In Peace with uncomfortable moments of life )

CONFIDENCE ( Balance & Stability)

COURAGE(Opening up to yourself)

BODY AWARENESS(Body-Mind Co-ordination/Connection)



To your Wars

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