Get Lost...

Yes you read it right, lets GET LOST as often as possible..

Surprisingly, getting lost can promote the "Creative Genius" in you..


By in large, academics at schools & colleges has more to do with INTELLIGENCE than CREATIVITY.

INTELLIGENCE - Ability to think, learn & reproduce helping us to score 750+ on GMAT/1600 on the SATS or Mastering 14 languages at the age of 12.

In contrast, many renowned psychologist believe Real Life Success depends on being more CREATIVE than INTELLIGENT.

Contests like DOODLE 4 GOOGLE plays a vital role in promoting creativity & imagination with passion & purpose especially in younger minds

Creativity - Not just for younger minds but a distinguishing trait necessary in every world to create Fulfilling Life or Flourishing Career. Every achievement big or small has a stroke of creativity to it.


We tend to get lost & lose track of time when we indulge in specific activities that interest us the most. By performing these activities we are consciously trying to reach unconscious part of our brain which can induce Creativity/Creative ideas ..

Unconscious part of your brain helps in solving complex issues & by activating it you get to experience AHA! moment or EUREKA! moment ..


Ex.First Lady Michelle Obama motivated Americans to get active with her “Let's Move” campaign.

she has been quite vocal about how exercising/Fitness routines gives her wings to get away from current day thoughts & fall into new fresh perspectives.

She practices exercising not just to achieve physical wellness but also to get more creative with real life situations


Charles Dickens- 19th century British Author , Renowned creator of world famous fictional characters in his Novels like Oliver twist, Tale of two cities, David Copperfield & many more,Once claimed late night walks for an average of 12-15 miles fed his mind with Creativity

He believed NIGHT WALKS as Source of his Creativity/Habit behind his Creative Mind.

I call it as an "ESCAPE ACTIVITY"- Activity that helps you to get lost & find the REAL YOU.

I voluntarily engage in activities like Photography, Reading, Walking to get lost but my all-time favorite lost time/escape activity is ' A Long hot relaxing Bath'

For many years my mom has relentlessly tried to change this time & water consuming habit but with little success to her efforts till date it has been an activity which allows me to get lost to ignite my creative genius..

Its been scientifically proved that many life changing ideas are born at times when mind wanders/gets lost because human mind attains its maximum Creativity when its Still.

So, whats your ESCAPE ACTIVITY?

What makes you GET LOST?

What could you do to activate your unconscious mind?

Try giving your mind a chance to wander, to get lost in habits that can increase your creativity to stand out personally & professionally.

Finally, I introduce my GUEST OF HONOR without whom this post about creativity can never be complete...

Rightfully tagged as Creative Maverick of Indian Cinema- Creative Entrepreneur of the year - Versatile Actor -Producer - Named often as Mr.Perfectionist.

AAMIR KHAN has captured our hearts & minds with his touch of genius & work of art.

His choices of films are always dictated by Creativity.Giving attention to creative aspect in his films has made him Rich & Famous not only Nationally but also in International markets.

He is a living icon who has religiously practiced his mind & so his work to be creative at its highest limits.

Try doing same to your mind - Find habits that help induce creativity in you - You will get to be UNSTOPPABLE...



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