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Cannon Beach

TRAVEL - A Powerful tool for Personal Development.

It's a privilege for any human to have the opportunity of experiencing different culture and it can help you bridge the gap between who you are & whom you want to be in this life.

Even though travelling is not my forte , I use TRAVEL as a Catalyst for my Passion & Purpose to reach my highest Potential.

Some travel to reach a destination, Some in search of destiny, Some to fulfill a purpose, Some for pleasure ... Most striking feature of TRAVEL is how each of us approach it, which constitutes their travel personality.


With 16 different travel personalities out there, every individual's focus, interest & expectations from any trip is unique.

Travel isn't always fun & spontaneous. Most of the times it requires efforts, attention & thoughtful planning to make it a memorable experience.

Understanding travel personalities of your companion/group form the pathway for a successful vacation.


Kaarthic (my husband) & I have very different travel personalities. He is a wild traveler with liking towards extreme thrilling activities & great outdoors. Me, on the other hand, a soul searcher chill relaxed traveler looking forward to exploring local habitats by walks.

It takes strategic planning from his end to accommodate two different travel personalities on a single trip because all I care about is when to start ..lol.

Finding ways to have fun-together in these extremities indeed is a challenging task.

Sea Kayaking @ Hong Island Krabi
Kayak @ Krabi
Sea Kayaking @ Hong Island Krabi


When just the two of us needs so much of strategic planning, How about group trips?

Groupie is something we never experienced in the past because of the limitations I have with travel..

Every thought needs a new perspective. So, last week we took our first trip in the companionship of few couple friends. Like any new experience, it gave us unique teachings & learning ..


Every road trip needs a road planner/director.

Destination Director takes complete control from choosing the spots to managing the whole trip considering all travel personalities in the group ..

Having a destination director can save trip time & also help avoid navigation confusions.

Luckily we had two .. ..


Dividing 'travelling cost' can get tricky at-times, especially in a group. Try Divide & Conquer when it comes to expenses.

When one pays for X activity, let the other pay for Y activity. Learn to share the cost 'on the go' so there is a balance.


We start using each other strengths. More people means more brains to figure out the map, more eyes to spot a restaurant/stay-in or more chances to laugh ..

When with a group you start to communicate better,

You learn to go with the flow,

Your compatibility & flexibility increases.

We learn to be honest about our choices..

Let's not forget the extra hand we get for taking photographs because pictures are the memories we bring back ..

Vista House At crown point

GROUPIE can give us all a TRAVEL ATTITUDE MAKEOVER by pushing each-other out of our travel comfort zone. Peers can push you to do more.. try more.. live more..

Portland Japanese Garden

Takeaway the moments & learn to leave behind the rest



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