Rise of Padmaavat

"The influence in India of films is greater than newspapers and books combined"

Jawaharlal Nehru - Prime minister India (1947-64)


“Of all of our inventions for mass communication...pictures still speak the most universally understood language.” - Walt Disney

Irrespective of the country you live in, movies are the most accessible form of art. It treats common people to super-rich with equal visual sensual experience it can provide.

They serve as a medium of education & inspiration providing employment to thousands & enjoyment to billions around the globe.

Movies are global because every country/culture has a past to remember, present to share & future to inspire, thus making movies as unique part of any Civilization.


What is a myth?

Myths are a feature of every culture. They are traditional sacred stories holding religious or spiritual significance in expressing a culture's value.

Even though myths are stories which blend both Facts & Fiction, they have a profound purpose in both ancient & modern culture.


PADMAAVAT is an Indian mythical movie based on the life of Mewar's royal Queen Padmini. Set in 1301 AD- it is a story of honor, valor & obsession.


India, still at large is driven & defined by mythology

Movies can change our minds, especially mythical movies have a greater impact in shaping personalities or influencing perceptions about a society. With its full fledged action sequence, fairy tale characters, heroes, villain & extravagant settings, mythical movies creates atmosphere to captivate, entertain & educate the mass.

Sometimes, mythical movies like PADMAAVAT even before its release can sparkle a spiteful Nationwide Protest because many people consciously assume that large parts of these fictional stories weren't fiction.

With Anti-Padmaavat protest still active across many parts of the country, people cannot wait to watch this movie which is intense & fierce in so many ways taking Indian Cinema in New Path.

It is an undeniable fact that mythical movies like Padmaavat influences the way world views Indian history & its Culture.

Movies are more than just entertainment, a wonderful art of Imagination. It's an escape medium to venture something new...somewhere else...




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