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“The opposite of play is not work—the opposite of play is depression.” - Stuart Brown..

Kaarthic & I hold different values when it comes to playing. Even though we have our share of playful outdoor activities, he sometimes passionately advocates for a Play-station & XBOX which I tend to passively deny...

But this difference in opinion has put my inner scientist at work to think, critically analyse & present simple findings of my research through this post.

Video Games, Gaming & Gamers

The most interesting aspect of any Video-game is to keep the gamer's brain fully engaged & when our mind is fully engaged, amazing things are bound to happen.

They put our neurological system to better use & keeps our cognitive senses at the focus.

The moment you hit a high score they boost Serotonin, happy hormone for enhanced learning, memory & motivation.

Endorphin, painkiller hormone released while gaming gives a sense of relief from a physical pain or bad mood & few games can even make you dance giving whole body interaction, inducing calorie burn & promoting weight-loss.

The key to play these games is not to escape your pressurized daily-life but to find a positive goal such as enhancing the creative genius in you, improving your performance under high pressure conditions or learning to bounce back from failures.

Outdoors for all

We, humans are designed to connect, co-exist with Nature for health & happiness. With occupational hazard raising at every level, we cannot risk losing touch with Nature.

Today we live at risk of NDD ( Nature Deficit Disorder), Nature deficit leading to the diminished use of the senses, concentration issues & higher rates of physical and emotional burnout.

Outdoors brings in openness, liveliness, joy, active Imagination & faster Brain.

Greener areas and breath of fresh air has greater influences on your mind, body & soul bringing in hormonal balance.

A nature stroll or spending time at nearby parks invites healthy mood reducing sadness or aggression.

With many choosing indoors during winters, I choose to be her (A true game changer who hikes along irrespective of hot, cold or rain).

Your health can never have restrictions on weather & all you need is few extra layers for greater happiness from darker days.

Learn to love outdoors for shared connections & greater satisfaction from life

Getup, turn off & move out to open spaces.

It is individual's behavioral choices & lifestyle which determines one's well-being.

Any activity or play is amazing but my choice will always be an Outdoor& its offering's

Play well to be peppy, active, enthusiastic person at life & ambitious, creative, a solution seeker at work.


Play on

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