Play like him..

I need the fire, the excitement, the whole rollercoaster - Roger Federer, Winner of Sixth Australian open and 20th Grand Slam title.

Ultimate Sport - Life

Everybody is a player in the game of life and we all play to win.

Sports requires balance of mind & body. Greater satisfaction and success in life demands the same.

Milka Singh - The Olympians

Players move forward in the face of adversity & failure, they gain strength with every challenge, lots of efforts and No excuses is what they breathe day-in day out.

Dedication and Drive in athletes to be mentally tough & physically fit inspires every living soul.

The spirit of sportsmanship in you determines your win in the Game of Life.

ME Technique

M & E - M stands for Motivation, E Stands for Enthusiasm

Players are trained to bring in motivation & enthusiasm into every action of their life.

Termed as ME technique by sports psychologists, it is predominantly practiced by professional players to focus on their goals with enthusiasm for the game while working on their skills.


An inner energy and a midas touch to get the best out of any action.

Higher the motivation, higher is the effort, time, energy & focus you put in to prepare & perform.

Great athletes stay motivated by embracing challenges & the progress they make towards these challenges sets them apart.

Be a Sport for life, find & practice ways to stay motivated.

Motivated enough to make the most out of every moment is what Great Champions like Roger Federer is made of.


There is NO substitute for genuine enthusiasm. Enthusiastic person generate a positive vibe & they are totally irresistible. The energy in them is truly Contagious.

It is hard to stay motivated long without adding an element of enjoyment in the work we do.

Enthusiasm kills negativity in the team, it promotes creative ways to approach challenges , increasing participation & persistence.

Enthusiasm & Motivation are a powerful combination hard to resist, making you unstoppable in achieving peak performance in any areas of life.

Life is a Sport & learn to play like them..



Inspired from book - Life as a Sport - JONATHAN FADER

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