Long & Layered....

I believe nothing tests one's patience & perseverance like growing hair does ...

For long, the length of one's hair was a physical manifestation of their cultural beliefs and customs.

The Native Americans believed " The longer are the hairs, more thoughts they have', They considered Hair as Sixth sense.

In the world of Game of thrones Drogo, a powerful Dothraki Khal has a braid so long it reaches beyond his waist, longer a Khal's braid greater are his victories.

In today's world, Hair acts as a key indicator of your Youth & Health. Irrespective of its Length or Style hair has always communicated something to others.

Strategic Eating

When it comes to HEALTH start implementing Strategic Eating, Invest & Increase the consumption of foods that solves a specific problem & promotes better results

For lengthy, rejuvenated hair locks you should be consuming foods that can strengthen & stimulate the growth of new hair.

These foods should be loaded with enough proteins, vitamins & minerals to keep your scalp & hair healthy.

Long & Layered with CHICKPEAS

Chickpeas are one of the tastiest food choices to boost LONG, STRONG, DARK & LUSTROUS hair growth.

Phytonutrients in them act as antioxidants and possess anti-inflammatory properties enhancing your beauty quotient in every possible way.

Practice simple & light cooking, eating whole foods helps you obtain all the vitamins & minerals it can offer.

Strategic & mindful eating habits makes you Radiant like a Star.

Unless you are Khal Drogo everyone needs Chickpeas in their diet for a LONG N STRONG Hair.


Happy Hair..Happy Life...

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