A Partnership larger than Marriage ..

All you need is LOVE. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt - Charles M.Schulz

Valentines day might be debated as the most commercialized celebration of love but we can all use the romance in the air to bring in more Roses & Radiance into our Relationships.


Humans are build to love. Psychologists & Brain Researchers have proved that intense romantic feeling for someone has enough energy to shut down the cognitive abilities of your brain which is used for decision making, problem solving & planning ahead.

This above mentioned fact explains why shakespeare used the phrase "LOVE IS BLIND" in many of his plays.

Are you optimistic enough to consider just the hormonal feelings to make life's most important decision?

Surprisingly in everyday world, it takes much more than intense romantic feeling to decide on whom to marry for life. Men & Women both cannot risk taking blind decisions in love.

He/She is not just love of your life, they are potential partners for your life's happiness & purpose.

Applying Emotional Intelligence(EQ) can help anyone find partnerships of greater attachment and understanding.


Being Emotionally Intelligent in love is about bringing in Balance of Heart and Mind, follow your heart's desire but never forget to apply your mind in forming stable healthy marriage or relationship.

Emotionally healthy & supportive partners bring the best out of any marriage experience.

They show greater sense of Empathy & Sensitivity to partners visions, promoting their partners to be fearless & honest in expressing own thoughts and feelings.

Individuals with EQ tend to promote equal partnership of power and responsibilities. Their commitment to a deeper, understanding relationship will make you to trust, to feel, to live better.

Partners with strong emotional skill stand the test of time complementing, completing each other by exchange of true love & power

Respect and Power - Barack & Michelle Obama

They excel in everything, from Inspiring speeches to empowering girls & women. The genuine love, respect and partnership between them amazes every living soul in this world.

Dreams and Determination - Narayana & Sudha Murthy

Founders of Infosys, a global leader in technology services & consulting. Most celebrated entrepreneur couple in India. Their love story filled with simplicity & humbleness teaches every Indian to chase their Dream.

Business and Purpose - Bill & Melinda Gates

Founders of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Richest and most powerful couple in the world has chosen Philanthropy as their Life vision and mission.

They are walking examples of "Partnership of the Equals"

Passion and Wealth - Mukesh & Nita Ambani

Founders of Reliance Industries, he is a billionaire businessman & she is an eminent educationist.

Their enduring passion gave new direction to Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) making them wealthiest couple in the Nation.

Marriage should enhance the mental, emotional and physical well-being of both its partners.

LOVE with all your heart but marry with a promise to make each other SHINE LIKE A STAR.

Taking life lessons from above mentioned couples we would like to toast to our 7+ years of partnership which will be larger than our marriage forever..

Happy Valentines Day!


Kadambari Kaarthic.

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