Become the MAN you want to MARRY....

“Women are always saying,"We can do anything that men can do." But Men should be saying,"We can do anything that women can do.”

― Gloria Steinem

You are a woman, you have a greater purpose which can always be more than a potential wife or a caring mother...

As women, learn to expect more from yourself in economic, social and political status. Every wife or a mother's progress will inspire future generations to look beyond exploitation, society stereotypes and gender inequality.

There isn't just one-way, today's women have options to design their own path to becoming confident and amazing women taking charge of their life and relationships..

With enough chance, time and opportunities are given, all women can plan ahead and figure out a way to reach their greater potential with passion and not get limited to marriage or childbirth.

You are a woman, you must believe Silence is Coward's Choice. We must inspire every woman to voice their honest thoughts and opinions out loud even when it's not voted as the popular one.

The courage and strength to rise up, speak up and stand up sometimes against our own can shatter any kind of glass ceiling and raise you to succeed in life and business.

You are a woman, the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.

Your parents, husband, sons or daughters will play significant roles but the most Significant figure in your life is YOURSELF.

You are unique and you need to develop and work on your own likes, dislikes, passions and dreams at every stage of life.

Be it a Wife/Mother Investing in oneself is the path to loving your family. It creates an incredible, meaningful and life-changing strong relationships.

You are a woman, your sons have power and responsibility to change our culture.

Teaching boys to be sensitive and empathetic should make them feel more masculine than ever.

Boys must be raised free of gender bias and not threatened by girls intelligence, power or success.

Home, Business, Nation - All of us benefit when boys and girls are raised in a gender-free home leading them to equal opportunity for men and women.

Having 2 X chromosomes in every cell does not limit you in becoming an economically empowered, Courageous, Self loving women/wife/mother.

We need to believe that women empowerment comes from within ourselves.

I need all 365 Days to be loved, empowered and celebrated as a WOMEN, How about you?


#March8th #Internationalwomenday

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