Breaking News....

We all love bad news, we just don't know that we do!

Articles with Negative headlines like 'war', 'corruption', 'crime', 'rape', 'child abuse', 'death' gets 63% higher click rate than headlines with 'fun', 'smile', 'happy'.

So, did you click on this article's title looking for NEWS or Breaking Bad NEWS?

N.E.W.S - Negativity North East West South..

The News is the leading source of knowledge about global affairs for people around the world.

Despite its value - the content and style in which it is delivered has made almost everyone among us believe that our world is the worst place to live than in the past..

Every day we are moving towards an improved, advanced lifestyle in terms of education, health and technology but the news we listen & read hardly finds any balance of Good and the Bad.

News Media/News Industry professionals are trained long enough to bring in Sensational, Over- Dramatic News but not important News.

Sensational News brings in an excitement, impact, conflict and controversies deviating people from their everyday routine, boring life.

But we forget to note that these excitements can cause anxiety issues contributing to a sense of hopelessness and helplessness.

They more often end up making us worry about our own well being, safety, affecting productivity and limiting future faced by living generations.

Brain and Bad News...

BAD is stronger than the GOOD. Nastiness makes a bigger impact on our brains and it's the natural product of human intelligence.

The amygdala, brain region that regulates emotions and motivation uses 2/3rd of its neurons to detect and dwell on bad news to help us make survival choices and avoid physical danger.

Thus, we are likely to give more weight to breaking news, critical reviews or controversies...

We humans don't need activated amygdala anymore to save us from predators but a controlled/calm brain region to protect us from emotional and mental stress...

& its high time we recognize that News Industry/Media Industry works 24/7 to find a way to activate your stress & not suppress it..

Whoever controls the media, controls the Mind - Jim Morrison.

N.E.W.S - There is NO Truth, only perception

It might be through radio, television, newspaper or news blogs..

Are we going to feed our minds with nastiness and negativity in the form of NEWS?

News Industry, Are you deploying resources in Delivering News or Creating Controversies?

Fighting the Negativity is more important today than ever, practice your brain and mind to stick to positivity or positive news feeds.

I don't deny the existence of BAD NEWS but we all can spend more time discussing GOOD NEWS to create a happier, peaceful, connected surroundings.


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